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IMX datasystems holder til i det historiske miljø på Christianshavn (København).


IMX datasystems har mere end 20 års erfaring i levering af professionelle IT-løsninger. Vi arbejder professionelt med systemintegration, infrastruktur, service & support samt udvikling af innovative løsninger. IMX datasystems – holder til i det historiske miljø på Christianshavn.® Enterprise

Built For Top Engineering Performance

At the top, there is no room for second best. The world’s premier firms demand the highest level of performance from their engineering teams. There are no excuses for missed opportunities or subpar output; there are only results.

Enter the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise.

Welcome to the new standard in engineering performance.
® Pro

The Standard For Engineering

SpaceMouse Pro is the latest addition to 3Dconnexion’s line of 3D Mice. It features a full size, soft coated hand rest and 15 large, fully programmable function keys for access to application commands, standard views and keyboard modifiers while a convenient On-Screen Display provides visual support

Enter the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise.



Part number

DKK Pris

ex moms

3DX-700059   SpaceMouse Compact

kr. 975

3DX-700066   SpaceMouse Wireless

kr. 1.126

3DX-700040   SpaceMouse Pro

kr. 2.260

3DX-700049   SpaceMouse Pro Wireless

kr. 2.487

3DX-700056   SpaceMouse Enterprise

kr. 3.016

3DX-700058   SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit

kr. 3.243

3DX-700067   SpaceMouse Wireless Kit

kr. 1.504

3DX-700052  CadMouse

kr. 748

3DX-700062  CadMouse Wireless

kr. 748

3DX-700068  CadMousePad Compact

kr. 144

3DX-700053  CadMousePad

kr. 219

3DX-700046  Carrying Case Personal

kr. 113

3DX-700041  Carrying Case Pro

kr. 113

3DX-700060  Carrying Case SpaceMouse Enterprise

kr. 113

3DX-700069 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver

kr. 76



imgCadMouse Wireless is not just another mouse.

It is a professional tool developed around performance, precision and ease of use for engineering in CAD. Its compact, ergonomic design offers  you a dedicated middle mouse button and an intelligent scroll wheel. It provides effortless precision due to its optimized 7.200 dpi optical sensor and a constant tactile feedback for smooth mouse movement. You can work up to 2 months without charging and easily connect via Universal Receiver, Bluetooth or USB-cable.






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